About Us

We provide hardwood flooring tools and materials in support of its mission to increase affordable housing. We take pride in our products and our work. That’s why our installers are trained and supervised to meet the highest standards. Before they arrive for your hardwood installation, there are a few things you can to get your home ready.

When quality and value count, Reclaimed Hadwood Flooring has affordable, elegant and practical solutions for all residential and commercial properties. We are the region’s leading authority on hardwood flooring and other flooring applications. We have great confidence in the aesthetic appeal, durability and value that investing in hardwood flooring brings to the property. If you are ready to invest in your home or office floors, let’s be sure you make informed decisions.

With all properly maintained hardwood floors, we believe the life expectancy is 100 years or more! What other flooring solution can make such a proven claim? Contact our Customer Care team to learn more about us.